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Digital Etik WordPress Services

At Digital Etik, I'm here to nurture your digital growth with our three unique packs. Whether you're just planting the seeds of your online presence with our Seedling Pack, looking to cultivate and expand with our Flourish Pack, or ready to bloom and be seen with our Blossom Pack, we have a package tailored to help you thrive in the digital landscape. Let's pick the perfect one and embark on this green digital journey together!

WP Seedling Pack

Ready to jump-start your online presence and simplify your WordPress tasks? Our Seedling Pack is designed to help you launch your website with ease and confidence.

Comprehensive WordPress Setup: Get your website off the ground with WordPress installation, theme selection, and essential plugin configuration

Ongoing Support and Collaboration: Enjoy continuous support through a dedicated Trello board for communication and 45 minutes of monthly consulting to discuss your website's goals

Bonus Inclusions: Benefit from 2 months of our WP Green Hosting and Care Plan, ensuring weekly updates, daily backups, and access to our curated toolbox for an optimised online presence

Discover the Power of Our Seedling Pack:

WordPress Setup

Installation: Set up and configure WordPress on your hosting platform

Theme Selection: Help you choose a suitable WordPress theme

Essential Plugins: Install and configure essential plugins

Basic Website Customisation

Logo and Branding: Incorporate your logo and branding elements

Header and Footer Setup: Customize the header and footer sections

Menu Creation: Create a user-friendly navigation menu

Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure the website is for a seamless user experience

Content Population

Home Page: Create a landing page with provided content

About Page: Create an 'About Us' page with provided content

Contact Page: Set up a 'Contact Us' page with a contact form

Essential Training

Provide basic training on how to use WordPress

Offer guidance on how to add and edit content

Ongoing Support and Communication

Dedicated Trello Board: Communicate with us through a dedicated Trello board to track tasks and progress.

2 x 45 Minutes Consulting: Get consulting time to discuss your website's needs.


Get 2 months of our WP Care Plan included with weekly updates, daily backups, and access to our curated toolbox.

Seedling Pack

2 x €326

Let's uncover your opportunities together.

WP Flourish Pack

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Our Flourish Pack is designed to help your website expand its reach and grow your business. Whether you're looking to offer online courses, sell products and services or enhance user engagement, this comprehensive package has you covered. Choose one or more of our add-ons to customise your website:

Enhanced Content Strategy: Adding a Blog with Categories to improve content organization, user engagement, and search engine visibility.

Boost your Impact with Online Shop and Courses: Amplify your online presence with an intuitive E-commerce platform and immersive E-learning solutions for seamless transactions and engaging learning experiences.

Simplify Operations with Integrated Solutions: Streamline appointments with Booking Calendar Integration and connect globally with Language Translation support, ensuring efficient scheduling and multilingual accessibility.

Unlock your website's full potential with our Flourish Pack add-ons:

Enhance Your Content Strategy: Add-On for a Blog with Categories

Content Organization: Create an attractive, organized blog section to ensure informative and visually appealing content delivery.

Categorized Posts: Improve user navigation with categorized blog posts, making it easier for visitors to find what interests them, increasing engagement.

Newsletter Subscription: Capture leads with a user-friendly subscription form.

Add an Online Shop: Add-On for E-commerce Capability

Online Shop Setup: Establish a robust e-commerce store.

Virtual Products: Sell digital items like online courses and ebooks.

Smooth Shopping Experience: Ensure a hassle-free, user-friendly shopping journey for your customers.

Implement Online Courses: Add-On for E-Learning Functionality

Setup: Install and configure the e-learning tool on your website, ensuring a smooth setup process for your online course platform.

Initial Course Creation with Multimedia Integration: Assist in setting up your first course, integrating multimedia elements to create an engaging learning experience for your students.

Student Enrollment: Enable a user-friendly enrollment process, allowing students to easily register and join your online courses.

Secure Payment Integration: Integrate secure payment gateways to facilitate course fee collection, offering flexibility for both individual course and bundled course payment options.

Integrate Booking Calendar: Add-On for Efficient Scheduling

Setup: Connect the booking system with your current calendar and video conferencing tools.

Calendar Settings: Customise the calendar to fit your specific scheduling requirements, including options for different appointment types, duration, and staff availability.

Secure Payment Integration: Easily and securely accept payments within the booking system through integrated payment gateways.

Enable Language Translation: Add-On for Multilingual Support

Setup: Install an intuitive translation tool on your website, making page translation a breeze. It comes with automatic translation support for efficiency.

Initial Home Page Translation: Translate your home page into a language we're familiar with, such as French or English, ensuring a clear and accurate representation of your content.

Feature and Functionality Preservation: Maintain all the same features and functionalities, delivering a consistent user experience across languages.

Optimise Your Website Speed: Add-On for Improved Performance

Image Compression: Optimize your images, reducing their size without compromising quality for faster loading times and a better user experience.

Efficient Page Loading: Fine-tune your site for quick page loading, ensuring it performs well on all devices and networks.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensure your website is fully responsive on mobile devices, catering to the growing mobile audience.

Personalised Training: Add-On for Effective Utilisation

Personalised Training Sessions: Conduct one-on-one training sessions customised to your specific needs, ensuring in-depth understanding and skill development.

Custom Video Guides: Provide customised tutorials designed specifically for your website and

tools, offering precise guidance for your specific requirements.

Progress Feedback: Receive feedback and guidance on your progress, ensuring you're on the right track and optimising your utilization of the tools and services.

Ongoing Support and Communication

Dedicated Trello Board: Communicate with us through a dedicated Trello board to track tasks and progress.

45 Minutes Consulting: Get consulting time with each add-on to discuss your website's needs.


Get 2 months of our WP Care Plan included with weekly updates, daily backups, and access to our curated toolbox.

Flourish Pack


per add-on

Let's uncover your opportunities together.

WP Blossom Pack

Ready to enhance your online presence and maximise your business potential? Discover the WP Blossom Pack, crafted to empower your website and foster impactful outcomes. This pack includes a website audit, on-page SEO optimisation, and performance monitoring and reporting, ensuring a strategic advantage in the digital landscape.

Website Audit: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your site's performance, identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary fixes to enhance its overall functionality.

On-Page SEO Optimisation: Implement targeted on-page SEO strategies, including keyword refinement, meta tag enhancements, and content optimisation, to boost your website's visibility and ranking on search engines.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Regularly monitor your website's performance, providing detailed reports to track progress and guide ongoing optimisation efforts.

Blossom Pack

3 x €326

3 months minimum

Let's uncover your opportunities together.

WP Care Plan

Ensure the ongoing health and performance of your WordPress site for a worry-free online presence.

Host your website with an environmentally conscious provider

Access our curated toolbox containing the best tools on the market

Safeguard your website with daily backups and security checks

Ensure your website remains current with weekly updates for optimal performance

Get a monthly 20-minute consulting session

Care Plan

12 x €49

12 months


Let's uncover your opportunities together.

Digital Etik Virtual Tech Assistance

Boost your business with reliable virtual tech assistance that saves you time, grows your customer base, and fosters a fairer future. Choose from flexible options of one day, two days per month, or one day every week for at least six months. I will streamline your digital operations and amplify your online presence.

From providing WordPress maintenance and support to improving your online performance with integrated solutions, I am here to help. I offer additional services, including course creation, French-English translation, and blog post management. With my expertise, you can expect strategic organisation of your digital assets, help automate your processes, and on-page SEO optimisation.

Contact me for a free discovery call today and see if I can be a good fit for your project.



exploration session



1 day per month, min 6 months



2 days per month, min 6 months



1 day every week, min 6 months

Anne Pajon, Founder of Digital Etik

I have a rich and broad experience in bioinformatics, technology, education, and administration. I have worked in multicultural teams at top research institutions and successfully managed a school charity. My skills ensure effective operations and positive outcomes.

I founded Digital Etik to bring my technical and organisational expertise to you and enrich your digital presence while promoting ethical decision-making with minimal environmental impact. I have experience in scientific programming, automation, website development, and data management.

As a native French speaker and fluent English communicator, my life story unfolds across two decades spent in the intellectual hub of Cambridge, UK. Living quasi-off-grid for almost four years with my family has strengthened my desire to encourage eco-conscious and ethical choices. Currently, I call the picturesque Algarve, Portugal, my home.

I am excited to offer my skills to help your business prosper and succeed. I invite you to connect with me, where we can embark on a journey of digital transformation, collaboration, and growth.

My Core Values

Live with Pride:
Be Bold, Be You

Embracing diversity and standing in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Fair Pay:
Be Valued, Be Empowered

Ensuring equitable earnings and fostering dignity for all.

Stand for Equality:
Be Just, Be Respectful

Championing inclusivity and fighting discrimination in all forms.

Regenerate Our World:
Be Green, Be Responsible

Preserving nature and nurturing a sustainable future for all.

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