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Together, we'll work to save you time, supercharge your website for increased traffic, grow your customer base, and cultivate passive income streams, all while fostering a fairer and more sustainable future.

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Collaboration with Natacha Wilson from Cambridge Insights

Collaboration with Gabriela Viana from Envol Linguistique

Collaboration with Marie Besnier from Esagil Games

Collaboration with FLAM Monde

Collaboration with Christine M

I want to express my gratitude to all my clients for placing their trust in me.

Anne Pajon, Founder of Digital Etik

I have a rich and broad experience in bioinformatics, technology, education, and administration. I have worked in multicultural teams at top research institutions and successfully managed a school charity. My skills ensure effective operations and positive outcomes.

I founded Digital Etik to bring my technical and organisational expertise to you and enrich your digital presence while promoting ethical decision-making with minimal environmental impact. I have experience in scientific programming, automation, website development, and data management.

As a native French speaker and fluent English communicator, my life story unfolds across two decades spent in the intellectual hub of Cambridge, UK. Living quasi-off-grid for almost four years with my family has strengthened my desire to encourage eco-conscious and ethical choices. Currently, I call the picturesque Algarve, Portugal, my home.

I am excited to offer my skills to help your business prosper and succeed. I invite you to connect with me, where we can embark on a journey of digital transformation, collaboration, and growth.

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