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Anne Pajon, Founder of Digital Etik

My Story

I have a strong passion for technology, especially computers. This interest dates back many years to when my family first acquired a calculator, followed by our first personal computer in the 1980s. As a child, I would accompany my parents to workshops where we learned how to use newly developed programs to calculate the wooden structures of buildings. As a teenager, I gained experience as an administrative assistant by organising invoices and entering accounting data into the in-house software of my family business. After working in research institutes as a scientific developer and service provider, it was a natural progression for me to create Digital Etik. I am excited to offer you an opportunity to work together.

I also genuinely love playing the flute in orchestras. The magic of creating music is unspeakable. However, I had to put my passion on hold to focus on motherhood. I helped orchestras organise music scores, design concert posters and programs, manage finances, and set up salaries for professional musicians. I found joy in helping others.

I have a strong interest in science and enjoy exploring the mysteries of life during my studies in theoretical physics and bioinformatics. Later on, I pursued a PhD in Bioinformatics in Brussels and taught myself programming while working on my family's business website. I have also developed a laboratory management system at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK, and automated the delivery of sequencing data at the Sanger Institute. My most recent role was at the Cancer Research UK Institute, where I spent over seven years supporting the genomics team and maintaining the sequencing data pipeline. I trained non-programmers at the University of Cambridge in Python and Data Management.

To help my children connect with their French heritage, I created Les Petits Caméléons, a French Saturday school in Cambridge, UK, for children with multicultural backgrounds and French ties. This experience ignited my passion for education and alternative methods that could improve learning. I assisted in creating their Google Workspace and registration form, which included a script to automate the sending of emails. I oversaw the organisation of over 100 students in classrooms, recruited teachers, managed the teaching team, and occasionally taught myself.

One of my most recent passions is becoming self-aware of our environmental impact, which led me to embrace the zero-waste movement and become a vegetarian. I even built a tiny house with "Le Bois d'Ici", allowing my family to live off-grid for four years in France and Portugal. This chapter pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me question my choices and recognised the profound impact this adventure had on all of us.

I have founded Digital Etik, drawing from my extensive experience and interests. I aim to enhance your online presence and reduce our environmental footprint by making ethical decisions wherever possible. I thrive on fostering teamwork to achieve optimal results. With my background in service teams within renowned research institutions, charitable organisations and small businesses, I bring valuable experience to the table.

My Core Values

Live with Pride:
Be Bold, Be You

Embracing diversity and standing in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Fair Pay:
Be Valued, Be Empowered

Ensuring equitable earnings and fostering dignity for all.

Stand for Equality:
Be Just, Be Respectful

Championing inclusivity and fighting discrimination in all forms.

Regenerate Our World:
Be Green, Be Responsible

Preserving nature and nurturing a sustainable future for all.

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